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We are SE One Media

Our Unique Technology and Laser-Focused Local Targeting allows us to create and display stunning and effective campaigns that put your local business brand in front of your most attractive prospects and customers.





Rapidly Boost Brand Visibility.
SE One Media makes it easy to get 100′s of thousands of targeted impressions within 15 miles of your business.



Get Your Message to Your Ideal Audience.
SE One Media can target your ideal prospects and customers based on location, demographics, interests and intentions.

Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

Drive New Leads & Business Growth.
Make revenue-generating offers to your ideal prospects no matter whether they are on their computer or using their mobile phone while on the run.

How about Some Fun Facts about our agency?

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Our Services

Local Customers Want Local Ads.
Give Them What They Want.

Gone are the days of blanketing an entire country with the same advertising campaign. Customers are smarter than that; they demand better. And SE One Media can help you do better.

Whether you are an international brand trying to do localized campaigns in cities around the country, or a state-wide restaurant chain looking for an affordable way to reach your best customers within 15 miles of each location, SE One Media can design the campaign to achieve your objectives.

Your best prospects are online throughout the day on computers, and increasingly, on mobile devices. We’ll help you meet them there. And once you’ve caught their attention, we won’t let up!

Display Advertising

Dynamic banner ads on major national and local sites. Specifically designed to incorporate best practices in local advertising.

What we offer
  • Dynamic eye-catching ads
  • Distribution on all major ads networks
  • Professional images
  • Incorporation of reviews
  • Geo-targeted to within 15 mile radius
  • Target based on demographics
  • Target based on interests
  • Target based on buyer intention
  • Landing Page design
  • Call Tracking

Mobile Advertising

The world has gone mobile, and continues to do so at a blistering pace. Your best prospects now spend more time on mobile than they do online on computers. SE One Media will make sure you meet them there.

What we offer
  • Dynamic mobile ads
  • Distribution on all major ads networks
  • Native iPhone Apps
  • Native Android Apps
  • Mobile Analytics
  • HTML5 Responsive Design
  • Mobile landing page design


It takes more and more impressions to become a recognized brand in the mind of your prospect. Retargeting ensures that your ads continue to get shown to your best prospects – those that have already expressed interest.

What we offer
  • Ads “follow” your visitors
  • Highest ROI advertising
  • Incorporated into your campaigns
  • Simple set up
  • Geo-targeted to within 15 mile radius

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Why Us

We're focused and growing. We aren't a bloated global agency trying to play as if we understand and can deliver local. All we do is local. We've been living it and breathing it for 9 years.

Local Experts

Local Experts

All we do is local. Local campaigns, targeted precisely to local markets, with local messaging, using a technology platform 100% designed for local.

Feet on the Street

Feet on the Street

SE One has a local presence in every state in the U.S. Therefore, we know the local markets you are trying to reach inside and out and can design campaigns that truly feel like they were created locally vs on Madison Avenue and pretending to be local.

Small Targeted Campaigns . . . With the Ability to Scale Nationwide

Small Targeted Campaigns . . . With the Ability to Scale Nationwide

Want to run a campaign within a 15 mile radius of a point on a map? We can do that? Want to replicate that campaign with unique messaging in 273 markets? We can do that, too.

REALLY Fast Fulfillment

REALLY Fast Fulfillment

No need to play the waiting game. Because of our crack Creative Team and tight relationships with all of the major advertising networks, we’ll have your campaigns live in days, not months.

Interested in what others think about us?


What our Clients say

  • We were disappointed from the lack of response from our yellow pages ad. We contacted SE One to help us. Their program ended up saving us almost half of what the yellow pages cost us. We’re now listed in more locations including the online yellow pages sites (at no additional cost). We recommend their services. Source: Google

    Keira _______
  • Our website never brought in new customers. Now we are actually getting calls. It’s nice to work with a company that knows what they’re doing. Source: Google

    Delores Wells
  • Used SE One to manage our PPC campaigns on Google, Bing and Facebook. They also created new ads for us. Very happy with the results. We are now using them for all of our online marketing. Source: Google

    Will _____
  • What a difference it is working with SE One. First there is no hard sales pitch – they really want to help. Next is the results. The traffic to our site has increased 200%! We also use the customer retention program with text messaging and the response rate is impressive. We averaged a 34% response rate to our specials – better than groupon and we didn’t split the profits. They also built our Facebook and Youtube pages and manage both. We now use SE One solely for our consulting and marketing. Source: Google

  • Our practice in Phoenix was listed on the 4th page in Google Places. Mr. Bundy’s workshop showed us exactly what we needed to do to improve our listing. After a few weeks and many hours later we started to see improvement. We then decided to let SE One do the work and it’s been a great improvement. We’ve moved to the 2nd page and still seeing progress. Mr. Bundy has done everything he said he would do. We’re not renewing our Yellow Page listing and letting SE One handle our marketing online. Exceptional work. Highly recommended. Source: Google

    Dr. Dental
  • Good solid information and follow through. High production standards. Will use them again. Source: Google

    Zeke _____

[email protected]


SE One Media, Box 35272, Fayetteville, NC 28303


We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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